About Us

About Us

About A New Leash for Life Rescue

New Leash for Life Rescue is a voluntary organisation started and run by Marcene Lines.

Marcene has been rescuing dogs for over 7 years, and has successfully saved and re homed hundreds of dogs. She volunteers her time, juggling her rescue work around her job, family and her own 4 rescue dogs.

Marcene firmly believes that any dog has a right to a warm, loving home regardless of where they have come from, so she works closely with a small network of local rescuers abroad (primarily in Romania and Spain) to identify dogs of all shapes and sizes and ages, that they believe can be successfully re-homed here in the UK. These guardian angels keep these dogs safe, and prepare them for their onward journey by ensuring they receive all the right vaccinations and checks to get their doggy passports so they can travel to the UK.

Marcene's passion and dedication to help these desperate dogs find their forever home is mirrored by the small team of kind hearted volunteers who help her to run the rescue. The volunteers help with admin, transporting dogs, promoting and sharing the dogs to find them homes or by fundraising.

We have a network of fabulous fosters who provide vital temporary foster care for our dogs when they arrive in the UK. All of our fosters give up their time and space in their homes to help our dogs recover from their journey and aid their transition into a home environment.

Fostering is essential as it enables the dogs to have time to adjust to home life and to be assessed to make sure they find the perfect family for them.

If you would like to get involved and are happy to volunteer some time to help or would like to discuss if you would be suitable as a foster please contact us.

The rescue relies on public donations, fundraising and sponserships to help the dogs. We are always looking for ways to fundraise to cover vets bills, transportation costs and to help buy food and supplies for the dogs under our care abroad.

We are always very grateful for any donations received and to volunteers who fundraise for the rescue.

Why Rescue from Abroad?

People often ask why Marcene focuses on rescues from abroad when there are dogs in shelters here?

Marcene has visited the shelters in Romania herself; where dogs are living in overcrowded communal pens and with minimal food and has seen the horrific ways that these poor souls are treated. Many shelters across Europe are very similar to Romania, not all people care for their animals like we do in the UK and when they have had enough they are dropped at a shelter, turned out on the street or even poisoned and killed.

If you compare any UK dog shelter such as Dogs trust, RSCPA, Battersea and so on, they all have food, medical attention, compassionate people working there, a roof over their heads and warm, clean kennels

Shelters across Europe are nothing at all like this, there is no charity, it is hell for the dogs and unless rescued, the dogs face the death penalty. In many shelters the dogs are just a number and when their number is up there is no hope.

Before the Pandemic in 2020, Marcene was taking regular trips to Romania to visit her local rescuer network. Whilst doing this' she was able to identify potential dogs to bring to the UK, assess the dogs suitability for adoption and travel. In addition it enabled Marcene to identify other ways in which she and the team can help, including fund raising, food donations for the shelters or supporting initiatives such as spay and neutering campaigns.

With the global pandemic greatly affecting the ability to travel; Marcene has been more reliant on communications with the local fosters to share information about dogs that we are able to support through sponsership and give a safe environment to whilst they are prepared to board the "Happy Bus" to travel to the UK.

The Rescue is involved in several initiatives to get the most at risk dogs to a safe environment, get then urgent veterinary care and provide them with food and shelter.

If you would like to get involved please contact us to find out more, as we would welcome your support.


We have many positive reviews from people who have adopted our dogs on our facebook page. We always try to offer advice and support to our adopters and offer full rescue back up for those that just don't work out as planned. We have a very active facebook group for adopters so they can share updates and seek advice for any issues. Please see our facebook page for more details. https://www.facebook.com/pg/anewleashforliferescue/reviews/

Contacting us

Please note we are a very small volunteer team who juggle the rescue around our busy lives. We try to respond to every message but please be patient with us 😊

Email us: anewleashforliferescue@outlook.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anewleashforliferescue/

Donate via PayPal: to anewleashforliferescue@outlook.com