Adoption process

Our Adoption Process

Before you contact us regarding adoption of any of our dogs please ensure you have done your homework by reading all the information on our website (including the terms and conditions for adopters and some of our adoption stories).

Please have a look at the dogs we have available, check your garden is dog-secure and ensure you have discussed and agreed you are all ready to adopt a rescue dog as a family.

When any of our dogs are ready and available for adoption, we want them in their forever home as soon as possible so you will need to

    • · Be willing to travel to meet and collect your chosen dog

    • · Be available for a meet within 48hrs (longer only by negotiation if due to travel distance)

    • · If the meet is successful, be able to collect your new dog within a few days

    • · Have the full adoption fee available

    • · Be able to supply a video of your property and any outside space

    • · Have safe and secure boundaries with a recommended 6ft high fence/wall

    • · Be able to prove permission to have dogs where you are in rented accommodation

    • · Have no major health issues; planned events or holidays that may impact on your ability to care for your new dog.

So if you are able to meet all of the above and have a particular dog or type you are interested the steps are as follows-

  1. Please thoroughly read all the information available on our website including the terms and conditions for adopters.

  1. To avoid disappointment please read the dogs profiles and ensure you met the criteria for the particular dog you are interested in.

  1. If you are confident you are ready to adopt a rescue, the first step is to complete the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire.

  1. Once we receive your pre adoption questionnaire it gives us information about you which allows us to make an assessment as to whether you are: a) a suitable adopter and b) a good match for your chosen dog; a member of our team will then contact you to discuss whether your family might be a good match for the dog you have enquired about

or to discuss alternative similar types of dogs where your preferred dog has already been reserved or a more suitable match for your circumstances is recommended.

**We consider things like whether the dog needs a quiet or active home, can be with children and whether they can be "only dogs" or need a fur sibling for company etc.**

5. If after discussion with a member of the team both parties are happy for the adoption process to continue with the agreed dog we will then either arrange for a home check visit or request that you take a video of your home and garden to check that it is a suitable and safe environment for one of our rescue dogs; we need to see that that boundaries are dog proof and high enough to keep your chosen dog safe and secure and that it will not be at risk of escape. Please ensure if you have a garden, that it is fully secure.

6. We may ask you to verify your identity by supplying two forms of ID one of which must show your address (i.e. driving licence and utility bill).

7. We may ask for a reference from your vet.

8. If you live in rented accommodation, you will be asked to provide written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a dog in the property. If you already have a dog/s the permission must state the number of dogs allowed in your property.

9. If we are satisfied with your home check and any additional information requested we will then put you in contact with the dogs foster carer for you to ask any further questions about the dog and to arrange a meet. your chosen dog. We expect this to take place within a few days .

10. Once a meet is planned we will ask that you pay a reservation fee of £75. We require you to pay this fee so that we know you are serious about your chosen dog. The reservation fee is non-refundable unless the reserve is cancelled by us. Once a dog is reserved, we will stop promoting it and will no longer accept any enquiries.

11. At your planned meet we expect all members of the family to meet your chosen dog to ensure they are all on board with the adoption. We also recommend that any resident dogs are also taken along to the meet to check compatibility.

12. If the meet is successful we will email you an adoption contract to sign and we will also require the remainder of the adoption fee to be paid. Once we have received both payment and a signed contract you are free to make arrangements to collect your new 4 legged companion from their fosterer

Please Note- There is the possibility, particularly if travelling a distance to meet your chosen dog, to arrange for a contract and payment information to be sent prior to your meet enabling you to take the dog home with you if the meet is successful. This will need to be agreed before the meet and will be on condition that you have the required items to safely collect your dog as listed in the T &C’s for adopters.

13. When you collect your new companion you will be given-

A Foster to Forever fact file for your dog

A Handover agreement x 2 copies to sign { one copy retained by the fosterer and the other for yourself}

14. After adoption you agree to keep the rescue regularly updated about your dog; by posting updates on the ‘Happy Endings’ Facebook page or sending regular updates sent via email.

Adoption fee

We have a minimum adoption fee of £400.

However, the adoption fee charged per dog may vary as it is dependent on transport and travel preparation costs for the country of origin. If you are able to donate any more, this really helps us as some of our dogs require vet treatment prior to travel and on occasion on arrival. The actual cost to bring these dogs to the UK can often exceed the adoption fee and includes

Transport to mainland UK (Scotland may have additional charge for transport)

Vaccinations (including rabies jab)

Flea and Worm Treatment


Pet passport

Spaying or neutering (but only if the dog is old enough prior to travel otherwise this will be at your own cost)

Any health checks and veterinary care for the dog prior to adoption

***Please note that our adoption fee is non-refundable in the unlikely event that you decide you wish to return the dog to us.***

Contact us

Please note we are a very small volunteer team who juggle rescue around our full time jobs and busy lives; whilst we try to respond to every message the same day, sometimes this is not always possible so please be patient with us.

We cannot contact every unsuccessful application; however if the application seems a good match for an alternate dog we may contact you to discuss other available dogs.

Email us:


By Post- c/o 27 The Oakwood centre, Downley Road, Havant, PO9 2NP

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